30 Day Acts of Kindness

  1. Pray for your family and for your home.                                      Go out of your way to meet some of your neighbors. 
  2. Pray for your neighbors nearest to you by name.                      Buy a stranger’s coffee or meal without them knowing it.  
  3. Pray for anyone you know who is sick or struggling.                Tell others you appreciate them. 
  4. Pray for your community schools: principals and teachers.    Leave encouraging notes in unexpected places. 
  5. Pray for churches in your community.                                         Compliment people deeper than at surface. 
  6. Pray for the mayor and city or town.                                            Practice thankfulness; a day without complaining. 
  7. Pray for those who need employment.                                        Build up others behind their back. Compliment them to others. 
  8. Pray for local law enforcement, first responders, etc.               Reconnect with someone you have not talked to in a while. 
  9. Pray for those in your city who do not know Christ.                  Hold the door open for people. 
  10. Pray for the hopeless and the poor in your city.                         Take some baked goods to friends or neighbors or co-workers, 
  11. Pray today without asking for anything.                                      Say “hi” to someone you see every day yet may not acknowledge. 
  12. Pray for your church, pastor, church staff, and key leaders.    Find a need and fill it. Listen to those around you for ways to help. 
  13. Pray or those influential in your spiritual walk.                           Invite someone to church to view AWCI online worship service. 
  14. Pray for the state governmental leaders/issues in culture.     Share your faith with someone. 
  15. Pray for children in the foster care system.                                Do a household chore for somewhere. 
  16. Pray for those in prison and their families.                                 Ask several, “How are you today?” and really listen. 
  17. Pray for the marriages of people you know.                               Go the entire day without saying anything negative about others. 
  18. Pray those that tapped in human trafficking.                             Clean up a mess that you did not make. 
  19. Pray for your friends going through hard time.                          Write a few thank you notes to those who helped you recently. 
  20. Pray that people across your nation will know Christ.              Spend time with someone who is going through a hard time. 
  21. Pray for our Nation, President, and all branches of military.    Take a family a meal or a dessert. 
  22. Pray for our House, Senate, and Supreme Court.                      Be the first volunteer to help (home, school, or work). 
  23. Pray for a “hot issue” relevant to our country.                            Have a conversation with someone not of your generation.  
  24. Pray for people around the world who are hungry.                    Pray with someone. 
  25. Pray for churches and Christian leaders around the world.   Take a meal to a couple with a new baby or someone who is sick. 
  26. Pray for those unemployed around the world.                          Intentionally meet a new neighbor on your street, complex. 
  27. Pray for the millions of orphaned children around the world.  Ask someone how you can help them today and then do it. 
  28. Pray for persecuted Christians around the world.                     Do something nice for someone without them knowing it. 
  29. Pray for those in modern-day slavery around the world.         Give a possession away to someone else who could use it. 
  30. Pray for the name of Jesus to be made known globally.         Write letters to those who have invested, believed in, and mentored you.  
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