A.P.P.S. Interest Groups

Applying Practical Principles Group Descriptions

CYF – New Children/ Youth Facility/Center


Adults Entrepreneurs

Leader: Rene Davis

The group will learn the principles of setting up a successful business and techniques to keep it healthy and successful for ages 19 and older.

Wednesday -18 March – AWCI – (CYF/ Children Church Area Room A)   7:00 pm   – 8:00 pm – express a different location after first meeting.


Young Entrepreneurs

Leader:  Pam Johnson

Young entrepreneurs discuss basic principles of starting and being in business. How to thrive in business and principles needed to maintain a good business model.

Thursday -19 March –AWCI – (CYF Café Area)   6:30 pm   – 7:30 pm


Couples Date Nights (Tuesdays) CYF Café Area for Tuesdays for two weeks only for planning meetings

Leader: Marvin & Mina Washington

Couples take time for dinner, movie or take day trips. Take time to rekindle share time and ideas of sharing together.

Will give schedule of date early part of next week


 Bowling Group:

Leader: Earl Williams

Group bowls together and enhance there and fellowship together.

Wednesday 18 March 2020   AWCI New CYF (Children Church Area in Room B) 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Floral Designs

Leader: Silvia Jordan

Group meets to learn and create floral designs

Wednesday 18 March 2020   AWCI 6:00–7:00 pm conclude 6 May 2018 all meetings on site with exception to two of them.  


Healthy Cooking & Eating Group

Leader: LaShanda Howard

Wednesday 18 March 2020   AWCI (AWCI Kitchen) 6:45-8:25 conclude 6 May 2018 all meeting on site with exception to two of them.  

 Group will learn how to change eating habits and learn healthy ways to prepare meals and learn new cooking techniques.


Cultural Exploration

Leader: Wanda Brown

-Group will explore various cultural lifestyles through history, food and entertainment.

 Wednesday -18 March – AWCI – (Children Church)   7:00 pm   – 8:00 pm – express a different location after first meeting.


 Walking Groups

Leader: Michael Armstead

Group creates walking atmosphere and communion with goals and activity.

Saturday 21 March – AWCI – (Fellowship Hall Area)   8:30 am – 9:30 am – express a different possible location after first meeting.


Veterans’ Group

Leader: Pastor Vincent Collins

Group comes together to discuss areas of concern and benefits for veterans. Group shares common fellowship and interests.

Saturday 21 March – Panera Break on Killian   8:30 am – 9:30 am –.

Mid-week Services – During the eight week sessions Ministers and Teachers will teach from the topic of the fruit of the spirit.

Wednesday -18 March – AWCI – (Sanctuary)   7:00 pm   – 8:00 pm –  


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