About Us

Who We Are

Agape Worship Center is place where everyone is accepted and loved for who they are. Friendly members will treat everyone that come with the love, acceptance, and forgiveness that Jesus showed us. It does not matter where you are, your age or background, Agape welcomes you as family. Our atmosphere is one of excitement that lends to you witnessing the freedom and safety God desires you to have.

We are multicultural and multi-generational and provide a diverse worship experience with various types of ministries that has something unique and special for all ages. Agape has Lifegroups for each individual to quickly connect and included in fellowship time.
We have a Children’s Department that is committed to each child’s personal and spiritual development. Learn more about our ministries and services. The Word that is preached will liberate the mind and spirit. The Word and Bible training sessions that are shared will challenge each person to fulfill their God Given purposed with veal. Join us on this Sunday or you are invited to any of our services. God bless you and we hope to see you soon.


We are a dynamic, Spirit-filled, and diverse community – serving people, building groups, developing leaders, impacting generations, and reaching the world.


Loving God, loving people, and reaching the world.

Meet Our Team

Bishop Vincent D. Collins



Administrative Staff

Albert Epps, Jr.



Tonya Thompson



Ameache Epps

Administrative Assistant


Administrative Team Leaders

Marvin Dunner

Assimilation & Integration

Charles Smalls


Nathan Chaplin III

Children & Youth

Algeron Wright

Music & Fine Arts

Ivery Chestnut

Men's & Deacon's Ministry

Christle Collins

Woman's Ministry

Charlene Hayes

Evangelism & Outreach

Veronica Reynolds

Christian Education

Jose Soler

Hispanic Outreach


Gregory Thacker

Church & Pastoral Council


Next Steps Brochure

Entering a church for the first time can be a little intimidating. To help you get to know us a little better before deciding to join us, we would like to present some information to help you feel more comfortable and more informed about who we are and what our mission is!

Agape Values and Beliefs

What Are Core Values?

Core values are the foundations that have shaping power to make us who we are.

Those values represent our basic belief and our convictions. This is who we are from the foundation to the roof. This is what we stand for.
Values determine how ministry is distinctive from others.

Core values are biblical, engender passion, are easily shared, constant, flow with overall vision, and are implementable.

Agape Core Values

​A – Application of Scripture

We value the application of scripture teaching for life change.

G - Groups

We value groups we believe that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life.

A – Acceptance

We value showing acceptance in our compassion, respect, and acceptance of all.

P – People Matter to God

We believe all people matter to God.

E – Exalt His Name in Worship

We value worship. We commit ourselves to gather regularly in the integrity of worship that inspires trust and confidence, bearing the fruit of the Spirit.

Agape Mission

Our Mission is composed of 8 Systems:
  • Worship
  • Evangelism
  • Stewardship
  • Children/Youth
  • Groups
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership
  • Communication & Media

Agape Worship Ministry Structure

Our Mission is made up of Five Specific Parts:

1. Engaging and Honoring God through Worship
2. Equipping Leader and Laity for Ministry
3. Impacting our City, Community, and the World through Evangelism
4. Empowering People to Commitment to God through Discipleship
5. Embracing one another in Love through Life Groups, Corporate and Individual Fellowship
Spiritual Life – Worship
  • Intercessory Prayer Ministry
  • Quarterly Prayer & Fasting
  • Sunday Morning & Revival Services
  • Women’s Ministry Conferences
  • Men’s Ministry Conferences
  • Ministers, Deacons & Lay Leaders
  • Music Ministry (Dance, Mime and Drama)
  • Media Ministries
  • Altar Worker Ministries
Spiritual Community – Ministry
  • Hospitality Team (Café, Care and Compassion)
  • Assimilation & Integration (Ushers, Greeters & Parking Lot)
  • Guest Relations Ministry (PATH, Guest & Follow-up)
  • Security Team
  • Deacon Ministry Teams
  • Pastor Appreciation Teams
  • Elders Ministers & Evangelist Teams
Spiritual Development – Discipleship
  • Sunday Schools
  • Bible Enrichment-(Small Group)
  • Ministry Workshops
  • Boys Club
  • Girls Club
  • Nursery
  • Youth Ministries
  • Children Ministry
  • Finance Training
  • New Believer’s Class
  • Quarterly Leadership Training
  • Grief Ministry
  • Celebrate Recovery Training
Spiritual Connection – Fellowship
  • Life Groups
  • Elder Care
  • Interest Group
  • Ministry Involvement
  • Book Clubs
  • Mentoring Groups
  • Couples Ministry
  • Single Ministry
  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Life Giver’s Ministry
  • Women Discipleship
  • Men Fellowship
Spiritual Outreach – Evangelism
  • Prison Ministry
  • Nursing Home Ministry
  • Homeless Ministry
  • Missions
  • Community Outreach
  • Super Sunday
  • Big Day Events
  • Agape Mobile Ministry
  • Social Media Ministry (FB, Twitter & Website)