2024 Renegade Pastors Conference

February 28, 9:30 am - March 1 - 12:30 pm

Join us in showing our enthusiastic support for Bishop Collins! Let’s collectively mark our calendars and unite in prayer for the upcoming LIVE 2024 Renegade Pastors Virtual Conference. It’s scheduled to take place on Wednesday, February 28 (starting at 9:30 am ET) through Thursday, February 29, and Friday, March 1 (ending at 12:30 pm ET). This is an online event via Zoom, making it accessible without the need for travel!
Bishop Collins will be gracing the virtual stage alongside an outstanding roster of speakers, including Ken Boa, Tracy Lewis, Kerrick Thomas, Jason Hatley, and Steve Reynolds. In addition, a special presentation from our partner, Churchteams, will be featured. This conference is set to be so much more than your average virtual pastor event!
Do you know a fellow pastor in mind who would greatly benefit from this powerful and accessible leadership conference? Be a source of empowerment and share this link with them, so they too can sign up and secure their tickets: https://RenegadePastorsConference.com.
Let’s come together to ensure that this conference becomes an enriching and transformative experience for all involved! #RenegadePastorsConference #SupportBishopCollins